If you want to buy quality properties or portfolios, for investment purposes, our team will facilitate this for you, through specialized consulting services.

We work with private investors and investment funds to help them enter the real estate market or with investors who want to transfer assets or portfolios.

With our combined resources, microtrend expertise in the residential segment and a unique ability to create customized solutions for each client, our experts will guide you step by step, so you can invest profitably and safely.

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  • Investment consulting in the residential segment - advanced knowledge of the market and the complex experience of the experts within the team;
  • Searching, proposing and combining the best properties on the market;
  • Consulting in the design and implementation itself, through the Green Alley Design Division.
  • Consultancy and legal assistance in carrying out transactions;
  • Rental of apartments;
  • Negotiation support;
  • Transparent processes and detailed risk analysis;
  • Property management through the Green Alley Property Management Division..

All fields are mandatory.